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Book one in Gun Culture

Friend Of A Friend by National Bestselling Author Ralph Cotton

Old ways and new clash in head-on confrontation

When journeyman hit man Ray Dylan agrees to look in on Sami Bloom, former mistress of a deceased Canadian crime financier, he realizes he must keep his profession a secret. What he doesn't realize is how difficult that is now he has fallen for this warm-hearted beauty.

While he struggles with the idea of confiding to her about his secret past, Dylan learns that Sami Bloom has some secrets of her own - and her secrets reach into the upper echelons of the very organization he works for.

Add to that a greedy young criminal, who along with his bodyguard, poses a threat to Sami's life, and secerts, Dylan knows it's time for bullets to fly.

In Friend of a Friend, Cotton paints a stark unapologetic portrait of modern American crime, both at its ruthless struggling-for-power street level, and at its more discreet, tight-lipped, yet equally deadly seats of authority.

Cotton has a unique way of weaving the reader's senses into the story. Known for fast-paced narrative and wry dark humor, Cotton takes inspiration for his stories from TV news and headlines. He creates a raw and colorful, almost desperate atmosphere around modern American culture, yet at some point, unexpectedly, leaves the reader with cause for hope.

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